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Welcome to Backstage, the behind the scenes area to get agency news and updates.  Please note that we are currently working remotely until we move into our new offices.   Please use the following mailing address until further notice:

Mailing Address:

Trendsetter Model Management

c/o Betty Davis Reliford

1880 S Dairy Ashford Rd.

Suite 207-425

Houston, TX  77077


Betty Davis Reliford

Managing Director

Direct Line: 305-316-8757


Instructions For Submitting Your Contract

  • Download the Agreement below, print and sign.

  • If requested, complete and sign the W-9 Form.

  • Scan both the completed agreement and W-9 Form (not the instructions) preferably to .PDF format.

  • If PDF scanning is not available, scan as a picture (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) or, less preferred, take a photo of the documents.

  • Upload signed documents into the transmittal form and complete the contact information. If the form is not working, you may also email the document(s) to with your contact information and "Signed Contract" in the subject line of the email.

  • The completed contract with the agency signature will be sent to you via email.  


Q:  What is a "Mother" Agency?

Our agency operates as a "mother" agency, which is a specific type of modeling agency.  A mother agency can be considered as a management company for the model's overall career, regardless of geographic location.  Mother agencies, like regular agencies, sign models to contracts and market them to clients in order to book paying assignments. However, the major difference is the fact that mother agencies also train, develop and prepare models to work in numerous markets and locations, as well as with other modeling agencies.  Although there may be some exceptions, we offer models non-exclusive mother agency agreements.

Q:  Will I be able to get paid assignments?

The primary reason for signing any agency agreement is to get paid as a working model. Based on your level of experience, a Mother agency is responsible for ensuring that you are trained and bookable in order for the agency to also make money, through commissions, for your work. Novice models should expect to invest in their career development in their first year with the agency via training seminars, portfolio development and travel expenses for unpaid work. As soon as the agency determines that the model is prepared, they will be marketed to clients and other modeling agencies for paid assignments. 

Q:  Can I work with the agency as a freelance model?

Yes, all models with the agency are independent contractors. The agency recruits and hires experienced freelance models with substantial experience and a proven body of work to fulfill staffing needs on assignments. Models are paid a flat hourly fee and bill the agency directly.  The negotiated hourly fee is based on the particular assignment. Models can accept assignments from various agencies or clients without limitations.  Work assignments received by the agency are filled by experienced agency models first, then model in development as needed.

Q:  Can I opt out of training seminars?

Yes, however, not attending required training may remove the model from consideration for some work assignments, as it would be a risk to the agency to place a model who does not perform well at an assignment or is not prepared.  


Q:  What are typical costs for models?

All models are billed an annual agency fee of $150 to cover administrative costs of hosting their portfolios online. [Note: The agency is currently waiving this fee for models who tag @trendsettermodel.mgt in their Instagram Bio. The tag must remain for the year duration.]  As independent contractors, a typical adult model should be prepared to pay for at least two professional photography sessions per year to update their portfolio and Polaroids.  Models also pay for hair and makeup costs for photoshoots done through the agency. Portfolio shoots can range from $500 to $1,000.  Only approved photographers can be used for portfolio photo sessions. However, if the model is capable of doing their own makeup, or has a qualified photographer or makeup artist/hairdresser willing to give them a reduced rate, they are free to use them to save money.  Models are responsible for comp card fees of $125 per set, printed once or twice a year.  A simple casting wardrobe is also required. If a model choses to accept unpaid work (usually in consideration of significant career or portfolio building experience), they may have to pay travel or lodging expenses.

Q:  Can I opt out of the $150 Annual Agency Services Fee?

Yes, you are not required to maintain an online portfolio with the Agency.  However, doing so is a cost-effective manner of providing easy access to your portfolio, and there are no fees for updates throughout the year. Our online model portfolios are considered the "marketplace" for clients, associated agents, designers and photographers to review and select models for their projects and events.  To waive this service would be considered a missed opportunity.

Q:  What if I am already signed with an agent near my home; how does that work?

Any pre-existing agency contract can be maintained through its expiration date without any impact, if it is not an exclusive mother agency contract. Our agency is functionally an "umbrella" over any and all market specific agency agreements.  We recognize other agent's exclusivity within their market and work to promote the model outside of that market covering the rest of the country and abroad.    

For additional questions regarding your contract, expectations, working protocols and opportunities, please set up an appointment with the agency's Managing Director, Betty Davis Reliford.   


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