Our agency represents women ages 14 and above, and men ages 16 and above, who are in generally good health. We embrace diversity and encourage our talent to be their authentic selves while accommodating the image flexibility needs of our clients. Trendsetter Models accepts submissions from USA based models and international models (with proper artist work visas). We are currently recruiting for the following divisions:

Fashion Division – Women Ages 14-20’s, Height 5’8”-5’11”, Sizes 0-6 |  Men Ages 16- 30's, Height 5'10" - 6'3"

Curve Division – Women Ages 17-20’s, Height 5’8”-5’11”, Sizes 8-18

Lifestyle Division* – Men and Women Ages 14-60’s, polished, fit and upscale looks

Social Media Influencers – All ages and types

*Includes Fitness, Sports, Swim, Beauty Models – Ages 14+, 5'8"+


High quality digital casting photos are required to be considered by the agency.  They do not require professional photography (a good camera phone will do).  However, the photos must be clear with good lighting. All backgrounds should be white (or light colored) and without distractions. Models should be wearing black or neutral colored form fitting attire, clean skin with minimal makeup, and hair pulled away from the face. There are specific required poses that must be submitted in order to evaluate your body type -- please familiarize yourself so that you can capture them during your photography session.  We prefer photos submitted for Swim events to be taken in swimwear.


In addition, you may submit two photos from your work or portfolio.  You will have the opportunity to submit additional photos during your review.  If your photos are too large for the form upload, please email them to: agent 


All agents authorized to represent our agency will utilize email addresses matching our website URL (example: If you receive a communication from anyone claiming to be a representative of our agency, reach out to us directly to confirm their identity before conducting business or providing them with any personal information.  We conduct Zoom interviews; however, children under the age of 18 will not be interviewed without a parent.


Due to recent events pertaining to COVID-19, open calls have been temporarily suspended. Please submit via our online process. Someone will be in touch with you if we feel that you have the right look for us. Thanks.


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